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The Sims 4 City Living APK Download Updated 2019

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The Sims 4 City Living APK Download Updated 2019


Sims 4 City Living APK
Sims 4 City Living


The Sims 4 City Living Expansion is available from November 1, 2016. This DLC focuses on connecting a new city, apartment and making a realistic sense setting. The city of San and the apartments are a central part of the Addon. Players have to pay rent to live in the city and have to fight with the noisy neighbors and landlords. Sims 4 City Living APK can easily lunch from a vendor, meet tourists and street artists, and follow new city-themed careers. I am working to add new guides every day, now I have got a copy of Sims 4 City Living Expansion.

Summary of facilities in the city of Addon:

  • A new city
  • To tourists
  • Apartment and Penthouse
  • Power outage, ROCHE INFECTION
  • Video game consoles to play together for groups
  • Basketball
  • Bubble hookah
  • Simple art
  • Cultural events such as competition food
  • The political career that seems interactive
  • Crackers

Sims 4 City Living Apartment:

The apartment is a new feature in this expansion pack. You can rent many apartments in different neighborhoods of the city, with different rental expenses. The apartments allow you to leave the building without a loading screen and use a lift to explore the neighborhood as always. To make efficient use of the available space, building fans need to be creative.

As your family grows, you need a very large and more expensive apartments. Naturally, you can choose a well-chosen option when initially putting the deposit amount, but you have to pay for the value of those items. On a tight budget, Sims wants to buy those things they need.

It seems that the downside to the apartments is that the players cannot just walk in the neighboring apartment. You can socialize with them in the hall or knock for a little chat, but a travel screen is required to travel. See the festival for other explanations about loading this screen related to the DLC.

Sims 4 City Living Many Signs:

It was included as a free update for the owner of each Sims 4. Some apartments come with predefined symptoms that are closed, however, you can change many of your symptoms at any time. They promote this skill and can allow you to give some supernatural effects to your building, such as gremlins or gnomes that damage or repair objects overnight.

Buildings can be earthquake-resistant, there are good movements that promote your Sims to exercise, or give good lighting for painting. If your apartment or house is built on one line, then many births are also supported. When you are in Build mode, lot signs are changed by clicking on the info panel at the top. Hover over them and click on the X, unless it is one that is permanent (such as the apartment to be the historic site).

New city: San Myshuno:

The new city is a wonderful backdrop to live your Sim’s life. The developer definitely pulled a city stretch, as the traffic goes to the background, the great skyline and Sims contribute to this feeling about their daily life. In some areas, sims can participate in street painting, or buy street food from a seller.

Overall, it is good that you get away from the smaller cities of the base game, and you can definitely change parts of the city, which are in line with your design. Just to be clear, you cannot leave skyscrapers anywhere, you’ll build them around, there are just a few that can be customized as always. You can go to the regular sims in San Myshuno, there are many tourists, street performers and human statues found from your Sims 4 City Living APK. It makes every day a bit more interesting in the city, as the city should have life.

Sims 4 City Living Career:

City Living includes three new careers – politician (activist), critical and social media. All three are suitable for city life. A new facility for these careers is the ability to work from home. Every day, when your SIM comes out for work, you have to choose whether it is a day when they will go to the office, remove the day, or work from home. Each of these two branches is always the same, so you can take the career completely in different directions.

Sims 4 City Living Ceremony:

Festivals are organized regularly in San Myshuno. Different neighborhoods of the new city are home to all different types of festivals. If a festival is organized in the neighborhood of your home, you can see it at any given time without any loading screen.

Visiting a celebration in another neighborhood implements a loading screen, though in my experience they were really short. The festivals run for several hours and allow their Sims to be different so that they can connect with other Sims and sometimes enter the competitions. Checking Bulletin Board outside your SIM apartment will inform you of upcoming festivals.


Sims 4 City Living APK

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