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The Sims 4 Seasons APK Download Free 2019

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The Sims 4 Seasons APK Download Free 2019


Sims 4 Seasons APK
Sims 4 Seasons APK

Sims 4 Season Apk was released on June 22, 2018. This new pack contains weather and seasonal variations in all the existing world. With it, you get holidays and also a functional calendar year. In this guide for more detail in this guide, we will connect you with more detailed guides and summarize new additions and changes to gardening.

The expected spring, summer, autumn and winter come in the season. The Season does not ship with a new world, but all existing Sims 4 Affects the world, including places like Granite Falls and Salvadorans.

Every world has its own weather pattern. It can be spring, summer and fall, and thunder or rain in the winter or early spring. In the summer, the world like oasis springs is warm and light in winter. As time passes, the world gradually changes in every season, as the weather grows, the weather decreases. Players are able to choose the duration of the season through the game options menu. You can select the season of 7, 14 or 28 days.

With the season, you naturally change the temperature. It is hot in summer and cools in winter as you expect, and those things will affect the sims to a large degree.

Sims 4 Season Apk Temperature:

The temperature in the Sims 4 Seasons APK counts. To help prepare them to wait outside that day, the Sims Weather Channel or simply check the mouse at the temperature and weather interface below the screen. The calendar at the bottom left will show you a forecast for the next seven days.

While exposed to inconvenient temperatures, the sims may be overheated or very cold. Appropriate fabric can help a lot with it, but there are also methods of temperature control and cooling or heating inside the house. Yes, the extension comes with a thermostat, and it is possible to crush it (like cranking the summer in summer). Being too hot for a SIM can have fatal consequences, so this system is also realistic and SIM may die in extreme situations. Preparedness is important!

Players can choose whether the world sometimes produces strong winds and storms, or if they do not develop Sims to leave with rain and snow anytime. Through the options menu, you can also choose whether the temperature affects the sims or not. Do this if you find that it is not able to leave home in the world with too much heat or winter.

Now you can learn more about weather seasons from the following given details.

Weather Machine:

 The detail, of course, comes with a weather machine which allows you to do anything about the weather for one day. See Weather Machine Guide for more detailed information. Your Saturday party is raining when everyone is ready to make fun? Change it to a sunny day. It can also be used for demonic purposes, such as when someone is not ready to bring a blizzard in the middle of the summer. More powerful options like changing the current season are also available. When you buy in the weather machine purchase mode (and do not make it yourself), then more than half a dozen upgrades are available, which improve its reliability and efficiency.

Patchy The Straw Man:

In Sims 4 Season Apk there is a scarecrow named Peachy, which you can buy and keep it at your place. Make friends with her, and she will come to your life to work in the garden. If you check his pocket, he may have some useful seeds. Check out the guide to learn about all its abilities and cooldowns. Check out the Video Guide or visit the text guide to learn more.

Activities in the Weather and Vacations:

From the work of the yard to the water balloon fights, a busy world is seen in the trailer of the expansion, which is meant to make snowman’s construction, play in the sprinkler and dodge electric bolts. There are many premiere holidays – with Lover fest (Valentine’s Day), Harvest fest (Thanksgiving / Halloween), Winterfest (Christmas) and New Year, with fully functional calendars for event planning. To produce seasonal cycles and calendar sims, produce a fake year.

What’s more, the SIM family can also make their holidays repeat every year. Get together and dip a polar bear or play video games too. You can choose activities that take place at the festival and invite others. The calendar also shows who is available, so you can choose time to celebrate not to go to work of a dear friend.

I am happy to inform that there is an integration with other extension packs and DLC. For example, and as we had hoped – deforesting the snow and raining stones can help the teenagers develop responsibility from the parent house game pack. The players who own the Sims 4 Pets, they influence their dear friends with temperature and weather, in which there is a new conversation with the thunder of snow and rain.

So far, Team Gate Together has been good about joining clubs in every detail, and the season is no exception. Apart from this, the gate to work business can be used with our next major feature: Gardening Career.

Easter and Spring in Sims 4:

Gardening Career:

For a long time, there is a garden related career and the one that allows you to choose when you want to work from home (the same thing brought by City Living. Career branches are about half way, from which you can choose whether you will be a florist or a botanist, you can join a get-to-work and create a flower shop, and sell it for your stay.

The idea, though it is no different from selling the paintings as an artist. A botanical branch is focused on gardening, and is a great addition to your gardening habits, although it is not particularly something special.

Beekeeping can also be followed by beekeeping, which gives them access to special dialogue provided by honey as well as honey bees. Beekeeping serves as a passive money maker which also promotes gardening. Bees pollinate nearby plants, providing a passive fertilizer effect that stacks with regular fertilizer. Check out the above video to learn about this new feature – I will soon write a text-based guide on it, now I will know everything.

New Skill: Flower Arranging

Sims do not have to take a flower designer’s branch of a new gardening career so that blue-violet can be arranged from new violet, available for $ 250 in purchase mode. They can start leveling that track regardless of this skill, although it is possible that they can remember some good unlock from career progression. The jury is still out on that one. Here is a guide to the new Flower Arranging Skills.


Scouting is a new activity for children and teenagers in The Sims 4 Season. This is a new unpaid after the school’s job, but Scouting Aptitude offers you a ton of skills through reward, which you should maximize ‘career’.

New Deaths:

There are many new deaths related to seasons. Of course, electric shocks can be killed if they are out during a powerful storm. If you have a heat wave and do not wear clothes in the summer season, you can also get warm, while the opposite is also true. We are still trying to report on the last death which may be related to the gardening career, although it can be old before the old man can make a florist through a smell.

Umbrellas in Weather:

 When I covered it on the weather page, it is worth noting here because many people will have trouble finding out how to find an umbrella. Umbrellas have been classified under Tools> Miscellaneous. You can also search for a text for it and look for ‘Amber Umbrella Rack’. Each of your sims has claimed an umbrella and they will keep it, so long as you do not put it back. The umbrella is not visible in your list at all.

The SIM has been marked as only one. They will automatically use them at any time during the rain, although the umbrella can be broken into a strong windstorm, which seems to change them automatically. Even something like gardening in the rain is possible with an umbrella because SIM will whip it between animations without actually getting wet.

Father Winter:

One of the special characters in Seasons is Fr Winter. It is possible to do Woohoo with him and even try for the child! Try a Baby with a Father Winter Watch Page on YouTube, or watch it on the My Sims 4 guide channel. There is also a text guide available to Father Winter.

Season Holiday Decoration Guide:

A guide to decorating fridge, spandrel, and other parts of the house in The Sims 4 Season Expansion Pack.

Here we have a list of things to appear in the trailer. I will add it to the next month, so check weekly to see if there is any new information or not!

Rain, with thunder, snow – Hopefully summer and severe cold are also swallowing. Let’s make those Sims uncomfortable.

Control the thermostat – Climate Control is inside the house, but its body temperature should also be seen.

Weather channel – Sims can check the weather to know what is the day for them.

Umbrellas, scarves, winter wear – look like many clothes for different seasons.

Holidays – Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year looks like the least. I am sure this is the festival of spring and the winter festival or something like that.

Holiday Decoration – For All Four Vacations

More Holiday Decoration – This is also at home, such as the Christmas tree and even the decoration for new year parties.

Holiday Parties – We see New Year’s celebration, Christmas gift passing, Thanksgiving and Easter buns.

  • Presents!
  • Snowman
  • Ice Skating
  • Roller Skating
  • Swing Sets
  • Children’s pool
  • Sprinkler
  • Scarecrow – Talking that can help with gardening
Are some kind of winter King Getups like Santa?
  • Jump in puddle
  • To jump into Leaf Hemorrhoids
  • Water Balloon Fight
  • Snowball Fights
  • Raking Leaves
  • Shoveling Snow

Lightning strikes, A SIM is killed by falling power in the trailer, but it is used to make Kamiah. Lightning can reportedly kill Sims, so a new type of death.


Sims 4 Seasons APK

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